What is a Fruit Tree Guild? 

A Fruit Tree Guild is a selected grouping of plant allies that support the health and abundance of a centerpiece fruit tree. Guilds can be standalone features or can be building block of an entire food forest landscape. They can be packed full of edible, medicinal, and native plants that often serve multiple functions. Some of the cornerstone functions of a fruit tree guild are: 

  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Soil Building/Biomass 
  • Pest Deterrent 
  • Pollinator Beneficial 
  • Groundcover 

Fruit Tree Guild Design
I’ll be guiding us through a process of custom guild design using my Fruit Tree Guild Design Tool. This will be a collaborative process specific to your site, your budget, and your needs. The tool will give us a visual snapshot of your custom fruit tree guild. At this time we will review the design and its functions, complete your custom plant list, and mark placement in the landscape using labeled flags. You’ll come out of the session knowing your plants and how the guild will be functioning, but you’ll also have greater confidence at the nursery and on planting day. Your guild will be beautiful, functional and abundant. 

Design Sessions are 2 hours, for a flat rate of $175 and you come away with the following: 

  • Custom Fruit Tree Guild design & snapshot
  • Custom Fruit Tree Guild plant list with quantities
  • Guidance on plant placement in your landscape
  • Further Resources & Tips