Fruit Tree Pruning

The Pacific Northwest is a fruit-grower’s dream. Fruit trees are an investment in our future. With so much possibility for growing fruit, it’s easy to get in over our heads when it comes to the maintenance part. Fruit trees are forgiving, but most of that we know and love so much need pruning and care in order to stay healthy and produce good crops year after year. Unfortunately, pruning can be a really hard skill to learn on your own, even with stellar online researching skills. The good news is, it’s pretty darn easy to learn hands-on. This is why I offer pruning coaching. Get tailored and straight forward information so that you can grow beautiful, bountiful fruit in your own back yard.


Fruit Tree Pruning Coaching

With a Pruning Coaching Session, you get one-on-one guidance in pruning your fruit tree(s).  We work side-by-side in your garden, while you learn the basics and the specifics for pruning and caring your fruit tree(s). Gain valuable knowledge and skill in:

  • Pruning tools & care

  • When to prune

  • Why we prune

  • Proper punning cuts

  • Easy step-by-step process for pruning

  • General pruning considerations

  • Tips on year-round care (including soil health, watering, and fruit thinning)

  • Troubleshooting, including pest & disease, pollination, and more

fruit trees are an iGet the best quality fruit and abundant harvests from your home garden, while learning new skills in cultivation.

Coaching sessions:

2 hours ——— $

4 hours ——— $

6 hours ——— $

Many fruit tree types greatly benefit from a combination of summer & winter pruning, but here in PDX some are "summer pruning only" types too, such as cherries, peaches, and plums. Some are winter only, such as figs. Also keep in mind that fruit tree restoration can take patience, and is often a process that happens over the course of a few years. A 2 hour session is typically enough time to cover the topics and work hands on the complete 1 mature, semi-dwarf tree.


Fruit Tree Pruning

Maybe you’re too busy to prune or not interested in learning, you just want to care for the fruit tree so that it’s harvests are abundant and delicious. I offer pruning services for fruit trees for just this occasion.


Pest & Disease Consult

While the Pacific Northwest is a magical place to grow fruit, it’s also prone to some common pests and disease, including coddling moth, apple maggot, shot hole fungus and bacterial canker. It can be hard to determine what your tree is suffering from, let alone how to address it organically and holistically.