A gardener, designer, and educator dedicated to helping you grow healthy fruits, berries, and other deliciousness in your home garden.

After spending over 10 years gardening, growing fruit, and working with native plants here in the Pacific Northwest, I now get to help people like you dream big and back it up with skilled design and guidance in your very own garden.


Well, the buisness developed as you might imagine — organically. After many years of sales and food service in my youth and young adult life, I decided to return to school. focused on food systems sustainability and food justice right here a Portland State, I entered the non-profit sector. Working for Portland Fruit Tree Project, as their Orchard Programs Manager, I found there was a unique opportunity and genuine desire here in PDX — to grow and share tons of food with one-another! But where there was heart and desire, there was also a need when it came to pruning and general fruit tree care. With so much growing potential here in this region, I was determined to help homeowners and neighbors grow abundant harvests and healthy produce for themselves, their friends, and their families.


I’m here to serve. My buisness is built on a foundation of love for this land, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

I offer garden coaching and design services to fit your unique needs, desires, and budget. By working along side a professional, you’ll gain confidence and skills in growing food while also contributing to the health of our local environment. Create a place where you can have chance experiences with nature and your nourishment — learn and share skills in food and sustainability.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning!

The best way to get started is to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consult with me. And sign up for the quarterly newsletter where I share tips and tricks to growing healthy fruit in your very own ‘garden ecology’.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

May our gardens continue to connect us to ourselves, one another, and the Spirit of Place here in the Pacific Northwest.

With love,