Garden Coaching is for “DIYers” who want expert, hands-on guidance in the garden. It’s for people who don’t need or want a landscape architect, but they know they need a little help when it comes to the what, where, how, and when. Working along side you in your yard, we accomplish seasonal tasks while you learn and gain confidence along the way!

Gain valuable skills in:

  • Design, plant selection, and placement

  • Growing fruits, berries, and vegetables

  • Gardening for birds and pollinators

  • Proper punning and fine gardening

  • Soil, organic amendments, and water conservation

  • Invasive species and weeds

  • Pest and disease management

  • Seasonal to-do’s

$75/hr. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.
Contact me today to discuss what might be the best fit for you!


Consults are a great starting place if you’re unsure where and how to begin with your garden transformation. I can offer guidance for next steps and answer questions related to your garden.

$150 — 90 min. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.