I founded Garden Ecology in 2015 after receiving my degree in Geography from Portland State, where I focused on Sustainability & Food Systems.

As a Lead Design Facilitator for the Malden Court Community Orchard, I assisted in bringing the people of Lents together to design and implement a community ‘Food Forest’ on public land.  Later, in 2016, I accepted a position as Orchard Programs Manager for Portland Fruit Tree Project. I managed 5 community orchards throughout the city and led hundreds of hands-on, educational events, supporting community members in maintenance, harvest, and distribution at their neighborhood orchard. I have over 10 years of practical experience with the food crops and the native biota of the Pacific Northwest.

I founded Garden Ecology because I saw a broad need for hands-on coaching in design, implementation, and maintenance of productive urban landscapes — A way for people to be guided and supported in their gardening and cultivation experiences. By emphasizing systems that 'work with nature' I help clients transform their yards into beautiful, bountiful, and functional places that they can enjoy with family and friends year-round — places that care for the land, the wildlife, the people, and inspire trends toward healing and sharing.