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I specialize in fruit trees, ‘food forestry’, and Pacific Northwest natives — creating low maintenance, water-wise and pollinator-friendly gardens that help connect us to our food, our health, and our sense of place here in the Pacific Northwest.


Learn how to care for your fruit trees yourself! I specialize in helping homeowners grow fruit trees and berries by providing expert guidance with pruning, grafting, pest and disease management, planting and design. Check out the various service offered to home fruit growers below.


By working along-side me, you get expert guidance that best suits your needs, your budget, and your vision. Garden coaching can can be dedicated to design, planning, and/or seasonal tasks. It can be a bi-annual, quarterly, or a monthly thing. The frequency and focus are entirely up to you! Want more details about coaching services and rates, click on the link below.


Investing in a garden design will help ensure you’re moving towards your dream landscape. Using a ecological and holistic approach, I help translate your goals and personal esthetic into a design that works for your lifestyle, your family and your site. Learn more about the design services and rates!