Learn how to prune and care your fruit tree(s) with guidance in your very own garden. Gain valuable skills in:

  • Tools of the trade

  • When & why we prune

  • Types of cuts & how to make them

  • Step-by-step process

  • Tips on training, restoration, and more!

$75/hr. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.


Get your fruit tree questions answered and get tips for:

  • Organic pest & disease management

  • Orchard hygiene & health

  • Soil & water needs

  • Fruit thinning & harvesting

  • Pollination & production

  • And much more!

$150 — 90 min. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.


Maybe you already have some fruit growing in your yard, but want to harvest and enjoy home-grown fruit more consistently throughout the year. Work with me to:

  • Extend the harvest

  • Fill in ‘gaps’ in fruit production

  • Graft multi-varietal trees

  • Grow high-value & lesser-known fruits

$75/hr. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.


Tired of seeing fruit go to waste? Coordinate a Harvest Party with friends, family, and neighbors — I’ll bring harvesting supplies for the group and facilitate a safe harvest for both your guests and the trees. Parties include:

  • Orchard ladders

  • Fruit picking poles

  • Harvest totes & bags

  • Harvest & ladder safety demos

  • Fruit sorting tips & recipes

$75/hr. Travel fees apply outside the Portland metro area.

“April is super knowledgeable about fruit tree care and pruning, and garden design - highly recommend!!” - Madelyn Mickelberry Morris, Mickelberry Gardens

“April Jamison at Garden Ecology has done a great job on my trees and many of my client's. She's the former Portland Fruit Tree Project Orchard Manager and has tons of experience. She offers both pruning services and coaching if you would like to learn to do it yourself.” - Mulysa Melco, Resilience Design

“I highly recommend April Jamison from Garden Ecology for your pruning needs. She specializes in working with clients to help them learn how to care for their fruit trees. April will help you understand how and why certain cuts are made and how you can best tend to your trees throughout the year.” - Marisha Auerbach, Permaculture Rising